Log In To STAFFeasy

To log into STAFFeasy you must use the user name and password assigned to you by your Scheduling Department. If you do not have a user name and/or password, contact your Scheduling Department.

Please note the STAFFeasy Customer Support Desk does not provide user names and/or passwords.  


To access STAFFeasy from a hand held device equipped with an Internet Browser log into: http://mobile.staffeasy.com.  Upon initial login, if you have your user name and password, follow the steps outlined below to view your STAFFeasy Calendar.  We recommend you change your password to protect your calendar from other users potentially logging into your calendar to view your work information.


  1. Click either Secure Login or Log In.

  2. In User Name, enter your user name.

  3. In Password, enter your password (case sensitive and 7 characters max length).

If you inadvertently set your password as [Jane1975] the acceptable format is [Jane197].

  1. Click Log In. Your calendar displays if you have successfully logged into the system.

  2. To edit your login information, go to My Info tab and click System Access.

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